Put your About Page to work

What do you do?

Why should someone care?

Who are you?

Your About Page should easily answer these questions for you.

But they rarely do.

Let’s be honest, they are devilishly tricky to write.

There’s a lack of clarity of what you should even put on the page.

People tend to think About Pages are about..well…them…

…and that means a page stuffed with team bios (that frankly no one cares about).

Or a stuffy origin story and pictures of office plants.

Your About Page should be doing MORE for your business,

but it quickly becomes an afterthought and winds up as a dead end.

As a conversion copywriter, I find this rather frustrating.

Because you’re missing out on sales and conversions.

The About Page is one of the most visited website pages.

It is also the last page most potential customers will visit before they leave…unless you give them a reason to stay.

This page is your opportunity to truly engage with a new potential customer and start a long-lasting conversation. (read: customer retention and acquisition)

You have a chance to show your value and your unique personality as a business.

And then convert them.

What will a strategically crafted About Page do for your business?

It’s a whole new way to effectively tell your story.

  • Funnel website visitors towards conversions that could boost your business and help increase customer retention

  • Answer “What do you do?” with confidence and in a way that connects with your customers across multiple channels.

  • Bring your team together with a strong story and renewed focus.

Make that page work harder

with me, Anna Hetzel - Conversion Copywriter + Brand Strategist

Anna -19.jpg

The About Page Package

In one week, two meetings, and with a little bit of my own elbow grease you get a brand spanking new About Page that includes:

  • An elevator pitch to re-energize your mission and your brand

  • A retelling of your origin story, crafted to engage and convert

  • Storytelling of one mini case study to prove how you fulfill your mission

  • Copyediting of up to two bios, with a format to follow for the rest of your team

  • One clear call-to-action to funnel your readers towards a purchase, a registration, a sign up…

  • A live revision via Zoom to make sure the copy is truly you

  • A wireframe of the content that you can easily hand off to your designer


We’ll get a lot done that week.

Who is it for?

This could be for anyone with a brand, but the best fit for this package is small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, or nonprofits.

Anna -18.jpg

How will Anna get it all done?

Good question. I’ve got this down to a science.

What do you have to commit to?

Send me the information I need and make it to two meetings.

That’s it.

Here’s how that week will break down.

One week before > With you

    You upload key information for me to review before we begin

Monday > With you

    Team interview via Zoom so I can get to know your unique personality and story

Tuesday > Just me

    Page outline created and sent over to show where we’re headed

Wednesday > Just me

    Writing writing writing

Thursday > Just me

    Editing your page and wireframing it for your designer

Friday > With you

    One-hour live revision via Zoom

Yeah, but why should you trust Anna?

I write About Pages. A lot. And I wrote a big ol’ blog post about them.

And you can read through my own About Page to get a good feel for magic I’ll be creating for you.

For the rest, I’ll let others do the talking.

How much?

$747 paid in full, right here, before the project begins.

Apply, book, and pay for the About Page Package now.

The time you choose will be our Monday team interview and the start of your About Page Week Extravangaza.

Not quite ready or it’s already booked up?

Hop on the waiting list for the next time I offer this package.

*this will also add you to my weekly Letters of sage wisdom and spicy advice