Finding your brand voice

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Distinctive, emotionally-powerful work that cuts-through with more buyers than your competition, consistently and in the long-term, builds great brands and revenue. - David Carr


I love this definition of brand voice.

I love it because it doesn’t start with “Brand voice is….”

It tells you what brand voice does.

Having a strategic brand voice helps your company stand out from the crowd, develop trust with your customers, and evoke powerful emotional reactions that will help sell more products.

Too often companies focus on the look, rather than the feel, of their company.

But you know what?

Writing for business is hard.

You sit down to write a newsletter and it’s like pulling teeth. Or hair. Or you go pull some strings and make one of your staff to write it. And then spend precious time editing it over and over again until you're not really sure if it makes sense anymore.

It’s hard to take your beautiful idea and put it into words that other people will engage with.

How do you begin to dial down on something you are an expert on?

How do you explain to a total greenie a complicated technical aspect of your product that makes it so cool?

How do you answer the question “What do you do?”

How do you answer the question “Wait, what is your company? What do you sell?”

The moment you start listing products the person’s eyes start to glaze over and they are thinking about how to slide away to grab the last donut at the table and move on to network with someone else.

Capturing someone’s attention requires the removal of ego and an open heart.

That’s a super woo-woo way to say you need to care about what the deep desires and pain points your customers are feeling and talk to them. They, at the end of the day, don’t give a hoot about your features if they don’t understand how those features solve their problems.

You need to think about brand voice.

Good business writing isn’t about numbers and case studies and features, it’s about empathy.

On March 22nd I gave a 45-minute free webinar on how to find your brand voice. It’s totally free and you can watch it anytime. Watch it now.

In it we covered:

  • How to properly connect your brand with your target market.
  • How to begin to build your brand voice in order to effectively communicate your mission.
  • How your brand voice can develop trust, which leads to higher retention, lifetime value, and turns your customers into brand evangelists.

Those are all super BIG IDEA concepts, but in the session, we work to break them down into something you can really sink your teeth in to. The webinar comes with a worksheet (aka homework) to help guide you in the creation of your brand voice.

Watch the webinar for free, anytime, anywhere.