Breakdown - Contact Pages

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Website pages - each has their own specific job, and each takes time to craft.

The Home Page has to appeal to people at every stage of awareness.

The About Page needs to teach and sell.

The Services Pages need to convince.

The Contact Page needs to...convert?

Ah, the Contact Page.

Even less loved than the About Page in time spent (and willingness to have it included in a copywriting scope), the Contact Page should not be overlooked.

If you’re a service provider, it’s probably the last step towards a phone call. (aka conversion)

But be honest with yourself - does your Contact Page have a general header image, a title, and then a contact form that asks for

  • Name

  • Email

  • Subject line

  • Message

Think about the irony of this for a moment.

You probably spent ages writing the rest of your website.

Why let up the effort at the last stage of conversion??

It’s like stopping to walk right before the finish line at a race.

Everybody else is sprinting across.

So let’s get to sprinting.

The Contact Page is your last chance to remind the user of what you offer.

Take a look at Tarzan Kay’s Contact Page.

First thing you’ll notice is that it’s A LOT busier than normal Contact Pages.

But that’s a good thing.

Tarzan already starts segmenting visitors into potential clients, students, event planners, or random inquiries.

She reminds users what her business exists to do and helps direct them into the proper communication channel.

Not only does this help the user, it 100% helps her on the sales call.

She’s better prepared, the contact is already pre-vetted, and the sales process is so much smoother.

How many conversions are you leaving stranded at the finish line?

Here’s your challenge today:

Go to your own Contact Page and take a look at the form on it.

Can you add a few more questions to it?

If you offer multiple services, a quick and easy fix is to add a question where the user has to pick what services they are most interested. Look at Leadership Beyond Limits for a great example of that.


Go update your Contact Page.

It should take you about 3 minutes.

And those 3 minutes will better vet people, improve your sales calls, and help you convert more qualified leads.

Then contact me to show off your new page.