Make your business fit for human life

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My best friend in Columbus loves board games.

Like, went to GenCon and follows board game Kickstarters kind of board game lover.

We’ve been friends for over 5 years now and I’m just starting to get into them.

As you can imagine, she’s pretty damn ecstatic.

I've learned Catan (love), Dominion (perfect), Takenoko (adorable), Wingspan (beautiful), Splendor (brilliant), and Space Base (interesting).

My friend has been watching patiently, waiting for the moment when she felt I was ready to learn her favorite game: Terraforming Mars.

It took her about an hour to explain it to me and then another 3 hours to play, but I LOVED it.

It is such a clever game: using scientifically accurate maps and concepts our goal was to terraform mars to a point where humans could live.

It’s long, complicated, and I still can’t listen to music with words when we play it because I’m so focused.

But you better believe I'm proud of myself for graduating to such a complicated game. (and last night I WON)

My friend has this theory that when it comes to board games, you have to play a new game at least twice in short succession to have it really stick in your head.

For me, I have to play it at least twice for the logic of the game to make sense before I can even begin thinking of a strategy.

Times one and two are me just playing willy nilly to see what works.

Last night as I was raising the oxygen level on Mars like a fricking boss, I thought about how learning to play board games is so similar to learning how to run a business.

Year One I took the time to learn the rules.

I played cautiously, trying to figure out my gameplay style.

I got to know the other players on the board and explore hidden corners of the business world.

I learned the logic behind building a business.

This year I’m a bit more confident and starting to strike out with new things like live workshops and productized services.

Some moves haven’t moved me as far forward as I would have hoped, and others surprised me in their success.

I try to remind myself that successes and failures are all part of figuring out my strategy.

Now nearing the end of Year Two, I'm starting to look ahead.

Last week I did a ton of exercises to help me imagine where I want to be in 3, 5, 10, and 'someday' years.

I got a glimpse of the world that I have been intentionally creating.

Just like Terraforming Mars is about transforming a planet to make it fit for humans, I’m creating a business that is fit for me.

The challenge today:

Make your business fit for human life. (and other microbes)

  • What does a business fit for you look like?

  • What does it feel like?

  • How will you know when you successfully built it?

I’m answering these questions myself now.

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