Step 1: Edit to the awesome

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I've been getting feedback that you all want to learn more about how I do what I do.
You ready? Hope so. Because we're committed now.

If you remember from last week, the first drafts of my projects are generally horrendous and would make my 4th grade teacher sob at my basic grammar mistakes.

And hey, that's fine. I wasn't writing for perfection. 
I was writing for the edit.
Read more about my terrible rough drafts here in "Write drunk, edit sober."


The first (and most fun) step of my process is editing to the AWESOME.

No one hires a copywriter to get run-of-the-mill websites and emails. My copy needs to pack the appropriate punch.

Dropping in humor, playfulness, and metaphors, I allow myself to take some serious liberties to get to AWESOME. (Don't worry, I rein it in later)

My goal at this point is to shock and awe. 

I want the copy to be totally memorable, to stick like glue in the reader's mind in order to move them toward the desired conversion.

edit to the awesome copywriting

Editing to the awesome is by far the most creative one of the seven, yet I still give myself some constraints.

I purposely take things like typos, legal issues, user experience, or nitty gritty details off the table. This allows me to fully explore what the copy can do.

So I copy and paste and type and cross out and repeat at abandon, virtually butchering my first rough draft.

It's here where I find the beginnings of a new tagline or hook, to be later refined and distilled into perfection.

Constraints are important in the creative process. Without giving yourself guidelines it's easier to get a creative block because you are faced with so many choices.

By giving myself permission to NOT worry about verb tense or comma placement, I'm allowed to take my rough draft and sharpen it up before polishing.

I know it might sound counter-intuitive that constraints= creative freedom, but it seriously works.

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