Authority issues

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Recently we promised each other to take benefits more seriously.

This week we’re talking authority.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
“I don’t really know what to charge. I feel like my work is worth more, but who am I to say?”

If you’re a freelancer, especially a creative freelancer, you probably ask yourself this every single time you send out a proposal.

And you’ve probably listened to all the podcasts and read all the blogs about how to combat imposter syndrome...all of which is consumed with a shrug and a defeated outlook.

It's so hard to determine what value you really bring to a client.

That’s how you beat imposter syndrome...right?
Think about the value you bring.

But the thing about forcing yourself to think about value is that those are still really squishy ideas and 100% in the eye of the beholder.
You're just thinking about it.
If you’re already feeling nervous or imposter-y, (now totally a word) you just simply aren’t going to see the true value you bring to any table.

The past months I’ve been working on scaling my Branding Power Hour from one-to-one to one-to-many.
Not only does the workshop help entrepreneurs better understand what and why they do what they do, but it also gives them a concrete tool to battle imposter syndrome.


Features aren’t just the ugly step-child to benefits.
Benefits are empty promises without authority to back them up.

Features, especially for entrepreneurs, should look like a very impressive list of skills, processes, the number of clients served, years in business, accolades get the idea.

When the workshoppers finish their list of features, I make sure they take a moment to really look at it.

That’s a pretty massive list of authority.

That’s a list that is concrete with no room for squishiness, no room for your imposter syndrome to wiggle around.

You DO have 5 years of experience and you HAVE worked with 100+ happy clients and you HAVE deep skills in Photoshop.

Take 5 minutes right now to write your features down in an impressive awe-inspiring authority-proving list and hang them up next to your promise-filled benefits.

They are your life raft on a rainy day.

If you don’t have clear features, have no fear.
Book my Branding Power Hour.
For just $347 and 60 minutes of your time, you’ll get benefits, features, a rough draft of your new elevator pitch, and a messaging framework that you can use across all of your content.

Here's my authority:
I've worked with over 2 dozen clients in the Power Hour and every single one has taken the framework and applied it to their websites, shared it with their team, and used it in their final messaging.

One client even called me the "Ferrari of copywriters" after we finished our session. (I'm saving that quote for all the rainy days, you can be sure of it)

Book the Branding Power Hour now or reply if you want the larger workshop brought to your co-working space or conference.