Step 3 & 4: Funnel experience and contexts

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We're moving right along going through my editing process for copywriting.

Starting with a really shitty rough draft, we've edited to the AWESOME and made sure we used key industry words or phrases.

Today I'm doing a two-for-one deal, as steps 3 and 4 are pretty quick and they don't need a whole email all to their lonesome.

Step 3: Funnel experience

Back in 1996, Eugene Schwartz categorized awareness levels of customers into 5 phases in his book Breakthrough Advertising.

  1. Most Aware- Just give them a deal or make it easy for them to pay you.

  2. Product-Aware- Your product is the solution.

  3. Solution-Aware- Eureka! There is a solution!

  4. Problem-Aware- Something is bothering them but they don’t know how to solve it.

  5. Completely Unaware - Have no idea there even is a problem to be solved.

Before I send off any copy to my client I need to make sure it's in line with the appropriate stage of awareness.

It's essential to meet people where they are in the process, and this is why segmenting is so dang important. 
I wouldn't go into a list of sweet features if the audience I'm writing to is only at Problem-Aware. 

Nothing quite makes sense when it in the wrong context.

Nothing quite makes sense when it in the wrong context.

Step 4: UX in different contexts

This is only really relevant for website or print copy, which is why I'm bundling it in with Step 3.
If I'm writing a website I always put the copy into a wireframe to show how a user will experience the words alongside reading them.
Sending off Google Docs with dead copy doesn't show how the words will actually work.

By putting the copy into multiple different contexts via wireframes, I catch a lot of mistakes.

I can't tell you how many times I'm building my mobile screen wireframe and realize that a certain line should really come first because the user can't see the whole dang page in one look.

The questions I need to answer is:
Does the user WANT to scroll down on mobile to keep reading?
Does the copy make sense put in different contexts?

The last thing any copywriter wants is a beautiful desktop page and a mobile page that makes no sense.

I'm curious- where in your business do you test for stages of awareness and contexts?
I'd love to hear from you.

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