Step 2: Key industry words or phrases

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If you're following closely along, we've already written a crappy first draftedited to the awesome, and now are moving on to step two of my editing process.

Step 2/7: Did I include key industry words or phrases?

Most people tell you to niche down when you are a freelancer, to choose an industry and be a TOTAL BOSS at it. 

I could've/should've specialized in SaaS, fintech, e-commerce, aerospace, get the idea...

Life definitely would be easier- I would know the jargon/argot/parlance like the back of my hand. 

I didn't niche down into a industry though.

Because I chose to not specialize in an industry, but in a moment.

My sweet spot, my favorite moment to work on a company's timeline, is either 6 months in and they are figuring out their brand for the first time OR they've been in the game for a year+ and are ready for a new angle.

Coupled with that moment in time I focused on a specific offering in my craft- websites and emails.
It's here that companies need the most help as they hone in on their brand.

I work with a lot of startups as a result.

With each new client, I add a whole new chapter to my personal dictionary.
I've learned architecture jargon, legalese, tech, yoga, product design, real estate, and the ins and outs of how to watercolor.

Every client offers me a chance to learn more about the world.

It's one of the reasons why I love what I do.

industry words editing copywriting


Industry-specific words need to be throughout the copy and properly used, especially if I'm writing to a more educated audience on the subject. 

Step two in my copywriting process ensures I include words that perhaps a layperson would scratch their head at, but the target client would nod their head and be like "Ah, yes, this company knows their sh**."

The copy needs to be 100% relevant to the industry and the market.

How do I find these words, you might ask?
Oh, thanks for asking.

Easy. I do research. I interview the client and their customers.

I snoop around Facebook groups or forums and read reviews. Certain words/phrases tend to be repeated, and you can bet that I repeat them as well in the copy.

I put this at step two in my process because I still shouldn't be worrying myself about grammar or punctuation. 
Adding industry words and phrases early ensures they'll be there throughout the rest of the process and baked more naturally in.
The copy will be industry-ready as a result.

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