Comfort Zone

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Have you ever built a roof?

Got up on top of a building, installed trusses, laid sheathing, covered it in roofing felt?

I’m guessing the majority of you answered ‘no’ to this question.

My high school students at our work camp two weeks ago were in the same boat.

Before we got started on the project we had a discussion about roof safety.

  • 3 points of contact at all times

  • Be aware of where the edge is

  • Ask for help when you need it

That last one I really tried to make sure it hit home.

Being on a roof is not the time to be heroic or stubborn.

If you’re scared to do something, you say so.

The last thing needed was for someone to fall off because they were trying to finish a task they didn't feel comfortable doing.

One student (the quiet stubborn type) inched his way over the ladder and stood crouching on the pitched roof.

He looked at me and said, “Anna, I’m not comfortable up here. Can I go down?”


I was so proud.

It’s hard to admit you’re uncomfortable and to speak up for yourself.

It’s hard when you’re working on a new project or exploring a new avenue for revenue to admit that you need help.

For a couple of months now I’ve had an idea for an interactive workshop, scaling my Branding Power Hour to reach more people.

It would be an opportunity to be in front of a great group of people and help them all find a better way to talk about themselves.

But I was really worried it wasn’t good enough.

I wanted to get off the roof.

Later on in the roofing work day, two students that had stayed far away from the project started to make their way up the ladder.

They had seen their friends go up and find confidence, and there was no way this day was going to pass without trying.

The whole group stood and cheered them on, there to offer a hand when they got up and advice on how to find their balance.

The smiles on those students faces could’ve knocked the sun out of the sky.

A week or so ago I asked good friends and professional colleagues if they’d be willing to help me workshop my branding workshop.

I just needed the confidence and a group cheering me on to get up on the roof.

It’s ok if you’re uncomfortable.

But it takes more strength to ask for help.

Where do you need support?

How can I help you get on the roof?

Reach out here.