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Last week I was in New York City at The Copywriter Club IRL Conference.

That’s right.

3 days surrounded by 100+ kickass copywriters talking nerdy copywriting things and making very eye-roll-inducing punny copywriting jokes.

It was overwhelming but exactly the lift I needed.

I’m deep into my second year as a solopreneur, and while year one went pretty dang well, I’ve been feeling a lack of focus on my next steps.

Do I keep doing what I’ve been doing?
How do I grow?

A week ago I wasn’t sure how to answer these questions and felt like I was sinking into self-made quicksand.

Well, not anymore.

On the flight back from NYC I organized my piles of notes from all 20+ speakers and made myself a game plan.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be focusing on

  • Creating higher-end packages for my services that build off my About Page Package and Power Hour(A big thanks to Prerna for this inspiration)

  • Really dialing in on my specialization (kudos to Val for the push in the right direction)- conversion copy for websites. I like writing emails, but I LOVE writing websites. Let me write all the home, sales, landing, and about pages all day every day.

  • Forming a legitimate marketing plan for my services, and not just throwing noodles at the wall to see if they stick. (A huge nod to Michal for this one)

I thought that going to TCC IRL would flood me with so many ideas I wouldn’t be sure what direction to take.

I was afraid I’d be even more lost than when I flew out for the conference.

But being in the midst of equally driven and far-more talented copywriters than myself I realized one thing: For the first time, I can actually see where I want to go.

It's really important to surround ourselves with people that can push us outside of our comfort zones, offer a diversity of opinions and stories, and inspire us to grow.

I usually look for that in people outside of copywriting - it's crucial to me to not just get stuck in a self-made bubble.
But at TCC I realized I need to have a balance between copywriters and non-copywriters.

The former will focus and inspire me, the latter will hold me accountable.

Where can you go to surround yourself with equally driven people in your own profession?  

Do you have a person you can reach out to, a mentor with whom you can ask questions?

My challenge for all of us: reach out to one new person in your own field and hop on a call or grab a coffee with them.

We could all use a bit more community.