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A story of grit

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been creating a mini berry orchard in our backyard: blueberries, cherries, black currants, and elderberries.

This year was the first where I could watch our blueberry bush truly transform.

It was a gentle and beautiful process.

The flowers slowly wilted and formed into themselves, hardening to make the unripe frost-colored berry.

This year has been slow to ripen for me.

My business has been doing just fine, but I myself was feeling rudderless.

I felt like I was hitting a ceiling that I knew didn’t need to exist.

I felt like I could be doing something MORE.

I forced change on myself, hoping it would push me beyond my ceiling.

I volunteered with too many local business organizations, joined a Mastermind, went to conferences, and spread myself much too thin.

It was a very tart experience.

Watching my blueberry bushes have reminded me of the importance of being patient.

No one likes unripe blueberries.

They are tart, make your face squish up, and no amount of sugar can help them.

I still feel like I could do MORE, but I’ve learned my lesson.

I need to let myself be as patient as I am when I watch the blueberries ripen.

Now the frost-colored berries are gaining their blue color and are just weeks away from being able to be picked for pie.

For me, things are starting to shift and I’m starting to see beyond the limits I built for myself.

This is my story of grit - a delicate balance of hard work and patience.

What’s your story?