Pattern (1/3)

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Pattern: Brand Voice (Part 1 of 3)

I’ve been weaving for almost 8 years now.

When most people think of weaving, they think of a weaver sitting happily at their loom whistling while calmly throwing a shuttle back and forth, the pattern coming to life as if by magic.
...or they think of nothing at all because who in the world can weave anymore??

But that, my friends, is only the last part.

The first, more difficult step to weaving is determining the pattern. The pattern helps decide everything: colors, width & length of the piece, weight of the yarn, borders or no’s the key element that holds the entire woven work together.

Before a piece even gets close to a loom there are days, sometimes weeks, of planning behind the scenes. (and a lot of math)

I like to think of the pattern as a company’s brand voice - how you show up consistently in the world.

It determines what social media channels you are active in, how you talk about your services or products, and drives content for blogs and emails.

Finding that brand voice also takes a lot of time.

We all know those companies who seem to have an effortless, fun, and seemingly endlessly imaginative voice.
It isn’t magic, folks. It’s the pattern. (this is starting to sound kind of cult-like…)

One of my favorite services I offer is helping companies discover their unique pattern.

In fact, I got to do that process for myself a few months ago when I was lucky enough to have Katie Chandler agree to create a logo for me.

Katie did incredible work.
The logo brings in elements of weaving, color, and my love of nature to capture the purpose of my brand: “To inspire and forge connections through intentional empathy."

Read more about my new about on my new about page(yes - that wording was on purpose)


Brand voice is intentional - the pattern that guides the rest of a company's content going forward.
And it should take time to figure out.

For my clients, it takes anywhere between 1-2 months and a lot of math, strategy, customer and team interviews, research, and live revisions.

I'm happy that it took me a year to really hone in on my own voice.
I purposefully put off any visual branding work until I truly understood what my business was here to do - until I understood my own pattern.

Because of that, the logo Katie created and these emails are better connected.

Over the next 2 weeks, my weekly newsletter will turn into Weaving 101 for Copywriters.
Ready, class?