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Last week we built a blanket fort in our home - sheets hanging over the rafters, mattress pulled onto the floor, lamps calmly lighting the space, and books scattered everywhere.

It wasn’t a long-planned and sought-after blanket fort.

My partner, an art teacher, was on Spring Break and we had hoped to get away for a couple of days to Hocking Hills.

We took a good 3-mile hike at Lake Hope State Park and then walked up to the lodge to get the keys to our cabin, our cute dog in tow.

Then it all fell apart.

We had accidentally booked the wrong week (it happens), and because we had our dog we had less flexibility for options.

So we hung our heads and drove back to the city, trying to figure out how to make the next few days fun and special.

At first, we thought our relaxing plans were shot - how could we possibly chill out when we’re back in the city and in our home surrounded by all these projects we want to do?

Enter the blanket fort.

Once we rearranged the upstairs and put that fort together, our perspective totally shifted.

We ended up having a lovely weekend, discovered a new Metro Park, and learned a fun board game.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of reorganizing and a blanket fort.

The same is true for website copy.

If a page just doesn’t have that ‘pop’ that I’m hoping for, I sit back and take a look again at the words.
More than likely my header title is buried deep in the text.

In fact, there’s probably a golden line that’s the new tagline or mission statement.

I tease that line out and violà - the page is all of the sudden more focused with an extra dash of spice.

The rest of the copy falls into place like a well-played game of Tetris. Sometimes it feels like magic.

It just takes a fresh perspective to see those hidden gems.

Too often we scrap our projects to start completely fresh. 
Too often we’re doubling or tripling our work when all it probably needs is a little reorganization.

My partner and I could've spent the weekend pouting and binge-watching Queer Eye, but we shifted and created the adventure we needed.

Where are you constantly tossing your work into the bin to start over?
Have you sat back and played around with what you already have?

A rewrite doesn’t have to mean 'start from scratch.' 

Hop on a rewrite ride-along for your site. 

Book a live 25-minute website breakdown to troubleshoot finicky pages or get an expert's perspective on your copy.

Work less and build more blanket forts.

^my new mantra