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I’m not very good at shutting my brain down.

It’s always problem-solving, always working, always moving.

It makes it very hard to sleep at night.

But lately, I’ve found a new bedtime routine: solitaire.

Slowly, ritualistically, I unfold a cloth onto my coffee table, settle cross-legged onto a pillow, and lay out the game.

I knew I needed a bedtime ritual that I didn’t have to create for myself (like journaling), but rather something that would pull my thoughts away from the day-to-day.

Solitaire is the perfect game to create space.

It forces me to pause, to slowly process what happened throughout the day while I layer red on black cards.

Copywriting for websites is, funnily enough, quite similar.

When I write websites I always create a basic wireframe to bring the copy to life.

It is a crucial step in my editing process, as I can see if a section is too long, too short, or floating all alone on the page.

It shows my clients that copywriting is also design.

My job is to understand how people read, skim, and move across a page and make sure my words are capturing them at the right moments.

I have to make sure the blank spaces on the page are in the right spots too.

Everyone needs a pause when they read.

It’s why we invented punctuation: the comma is the natural breath, the period a definite end.

By creating wireframes so the designer can understand how the copy should work on a page, together we’re giving the reader’s eyes natural punctuation.

We can allow them to take a breath in a blank space before we tell them the real hook of the product, or let them sit back and go “hmmm interesting” right before we give them the solution.

It’s the reader’s own moment of solitaire.

Where are you creating purposeful space in your business?

Are you letting your customers process before you try to close the sale?

If you’re not sure that your site has positive blank spaces in the right moments, book a live 25-minute website review with me.

Here's to more space in our day.