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Two weekends ago I was back in New York City for the 2nd time this year at the QueerHustle conference.

  • I heard incredible stories from participants.

  • I listened to thought-provoking and business-moving speakers.

  • I had dinner at Starbucks on Saturday night in order to help someone finalize their pitch deck before an investor meeting.

  • I made awesome connections and a couple of new friendships.

Not only was it a conference that pushed me forward in my business, but I also wasn’t the only person with my haircut in the room.

Being surrounded by driven and successful queer entrepreneurs meant more to me than I realized - I didn’t have to explain myself, hide any part of my identity...I actually felt safe.

And that gets me to the goal for today: support.

As a business owner it’s important for you to have focus, goals, drive, and grit - but who and where are you asking for support?

I joined the QueerHustle Mastermind after that weekend.

That surprised me because (1) Masterminds are quite the investment and (2) I wasn't planning on joining one...ever.

But I need to push beyond this arbitrary ceiling I’ve built and I feel confident this Mastermind will help.

Ash and I, two members of the Mastermind, have already become each other’s accountability buddies.

At 9 am every Monday for the next year we are going to be on the phone with each other checking in on tasks, goals, and celebrations.

That's quite the commitment.

Who holds you accountable?

Who can you truly reach out to for support (that isn’t your partner, business or otherwise)?

Does that person push you in surprising ways or are they comfortable?

Do you feel seen and safe with them as a whole person and not just the business persona you've created?

This last part is important.

We're not just entrepreneurs - we're humans and we need a support system that straddles both business and personal.

If you’re coming up with a blank, or if the person you’re thinking of doesn’t quite meet your needs - I challenge you today to start looking for someone that can.

  • Join a Mastermind of people outside of your industry but at about your same business level

  • Be a part of the next Unreal Collective cohort and have a whole damn community of support instantly

  • That Facebook group you lurk on? Actually ask for something.

Or even better:

This week I’m having a few local queer professionals over to my house for a dinner potluck to be more intentional about the support I have here at home.

Who can you invite over?