Weft (3/3)

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And now for our final segment of Weaving 101 for Copywriters: The Weft!

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I love this part of the weaving process.

When the pattern is set and the warp is wrapped onto the loom - the weft is the last major element.

Actually, it’s probably what you think of when you think of weaving. (if you think of anything at all)

Picture me sitting at my weaver's bench, throwing a thing that looks like a wooden space shuttle across the warp with a trail of yarn being pulled behind it.

Slowly but surely the pattern starts to be revealed and the piece begins to finally take shape.

It feels like magic.

As a company, your weft is the relationships you develop along the way. They bring the color, the spice, the pizazz to your business.

Take a moment: Think about a brand you really admire or follow religiously.

Why do you follow them?

Probably because of their consistency - you know what they sell and what they are built for. Sometimes their messaging feels like magic, like it's speaking directly to you.

It's not magic.

It's because your favorite company has spent a lot of time developing their pattern (brand voice) and warp (company structure).

Without the hard work I put into the pattern and the warp, the weft wouldn't even have a chance to exist.

The interaction between the brand and its customers creates relationships that move the company forward.

They build on top of each other, not unlike the weft on a loom. With each pass of the shuttle, the piece is a little longer.

With each relationship built, your company is a little stronger.

As a copywriter, my job is to understand how the whole piece comes together.

I have to take my time building the brand voice (pattern), diving deep into the structure of the business to understand what it offers and how it runs (warp), and then crafting all of that into messaging that starts and maintains relationships (weft).

It’s a big job and it always takes time.

That brand you thought of earlier that feels like magic?

They took the time.

Start today by taking a closer look at your business.

In 30 minutes we’ll go through your website together to see how your pattern, warp, and weft are interacting with each other and how those relationships can be made stronger.

We'll start making that magic happen.

(sorry not sorry for the cheez)

Book your 30-minute website review now and let’s get to weaving.