Step 6: Big Promises

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One more step to go!

A brief recap of what we've done so far:

  1. Edit to the awesome

  2. Key industry words or phrases

  3. Funnel experience

  4. UX and other contexts

  5. Devil's advocate


Today, I promise that once you finish reading this blog you will:

  • become a #1 New York Times Bestseller

  • win the Man Booker Prize

  • host the top podcast in the world

  • invent the best product ever


What a bunch of baloney.

It's easy when writing conversion copy to accidentally make promises the client can't actually keep. I mean, I'm trying to convert people, and that involves a lot of persuasion.

But if I go making crazy promises, there'll be consequences.

  1. Lawyers will hate me forever. Customers will buy the product, not get the result that I promised, and sue. Worst case scenario.

  2.  Loss of trust. Customers will buy the product, not get the result I promised, and never come back and smack talk the brand to their friends. 

  3. Suspicion. People can sniff out phony a mile away. Promises jump out on the page like spicey jalepeños in a burrito. It introduces doubt.

Watch out when I’m stuck in Hyde-mode all day…

Watch out when I’m stuck in Hyde-mode all day…

Think back to an ad campaign that made you cringe.
It might have been the terrible design, but more likely than not they were making all these promises that you just knew couldn't be kept.

They might not have even known they were doing it.
Making a promise is more than just saying something like "guaranteed happiness" (which you can NEVER do).

I can't tell you how many people have vented to me about a supposedly 'indestructible' dog toy they bought and their pup ripped it apart in 1 hour.

It's my job to avoid that.

When I'm on step 6, I take note of every single adjective and adverb, every single description, and every single explanation of a process.

My copy should help potential customers dream of possibility, not certainty.

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