Refining your story

Case Study - Brand Messaging Project with PATH

The project

PATH helps companies collect, understand, and act on their data. For the past 35+ years they have been a research and strategic powerhouse, working with national and international businesses.

They needed a strong identity to bring the team together, help them hone their processes, and craft a concise pitch for their messaging for the next 35+ years.

The process

Step One: Workshop

Finding your unique brand voice can sometimes feel like business therapy. I stepped into my business therapist role and took PATH through a framework designed to foster a well-planned but seemingly organic conversation. I don’t send questions ahead of my two-hour workshop…and it’s honestly best if the team comes in unprepared.

The truth is: what comes up in organic relaxed conversation is usually where the copy gold lies.

At the end, we already have the rough draft of their vision, purpose, mission, benefits, features, and sometimes even their pitch.

Step Two: Research

Good copy comes with good research.

Research completed for PATH:

  • Direct customer interviews for perspective and voice of customer data

  • Market and competitor research for a broader view and critical messaging points

  • Reviewing case studies and old testimonials for context and historical language use

I ended up with a robust swipe files of quotes, stats, and notes to pull from when I sat down to write.


Step Three: Writing

The first thing I tackle when I write a Brand Messaging document is the company’s values. Without values, how can I effectively write a mission statement or a pitch? It’s near impossible.


Step Four: Revisions

As Brand Messaging is the foundational piece of any content plan or development, I spend more time on revisions than I do with other projects. It has to be perfect.

"The greatest benefit of working with Anna was having an outsider's perspective on who we are - and then her ability to translate that into an easily understood brand position."
-Monica McKay, PATH

The result

As is often the case with these projects, something unexpected came out of it.

We hit upon a way to define their process that was impactful, understandable, and repeatable.

path brand messaging

 PATH: Identify the Problem, Find the Solution, Take Action

These three steps are now used to format their proposals, reports, case studies, and even their tagline. It created consistency in what they do and shows that they are a full-service, highly expert company ready to help.