Branding Power Hour

Easier messaging. Easier decisions. Easier sales.

“That doesn’t sound right.”

“I feel like there’s something missing.”

“We aren’t getting the conversions expected for such a fantastic product.”

Writing for business is hard…so you end up leaving your critical writing tasks to collect dust.

  • That “just a placeholder” text you cobbled together back when the dinosaurs roamed is still blazing across your homepage.

  • Your hard-won email list slowly forgets that you exist.

  • Your service pages no longer reflects your immense talent.

That’s a lot of potential conversions you’ve missed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if it were all so much easier? 

Easier marketing. Easier messaging. Easier conversions.

Your missing tool is your BRAND MESSAGE.

When you understand — when you really, really get — your brand, writing stops being torture and starts being, well, easy. 

anna hetzel branding power hour

Branding Power Hour

A new pitch, deeper understanding of what makes you different, and clarity on your message.

In an intensive 60-minute session, we'll roll up our sleeves and:

  • Get rid of writer’s block by diving into your customer’s desires and emotional pain points

  • Write down your top benefits & features to solidly position you in the market

  • Develop a solid draft of a new elevator pitch to engage and convert

  • Hone in on your brand guidelines to make decisions and team cohesion just plain easy

We'll build a solid messaging framework for your business to flourish going forward.

I’ve taken dozens of people just like you through the Power Hour.

Every single one has used the framework and applied it to their websites, shared it with their team, or used it in their marketing.

One client even called me the "Ferrari of copywriters" after we finished our session.

"It made me take my business seriously and really dive into the brand...something that I’d been avoiding for a while!”
-Malinda Meadows, Freelance writer

Is the Branding Power Hour a good fit for you?

  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to stick out from the crowd

  • Companies that are tired of constantly re-writing everything

  • A new product that needs core messaging

Your investment

  • One hour of your time

  • $347

That’s it. There’s no prep for you, just a lot of work for me.

Discover your brand message.

It’s time to take this seriously.


Not quite ready to commit?

That's ok.

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