Working your story

Case Study - Launch Project with Funding For Good

The project

Funding for Good helps nonprofits find sustainable revenue streams, create stronger organizations, and in turn create a greater impact for good.

Mandy had a monthly subscription service that was a huge value at a low price. After honing it for 3 years she was ready to push it out to her network.

I was brought on to rewrite her landing page and 3 email marketing funnel to convert new subscribers to her rapidly growing list.

The process

Step One: Research

I dove into the current funnel to do an audit and get an idea of the type of voice her email list was used to.

Mandy and I then got on an onboarding call so I could really get to know her, her business, and the benefits of signing up for The Writer’s Block.

After collecting all of the data I built an outline for the email funnel sequence and the new landing page.

This project was really fun for me because Mandy has such a great voice – and a lot of great video content I could watch to truly get a sense of her cadence and persona.

Step Two: Landing Page

In our onboarding call Mandy told me that people generally have to interact with her three times before they convert.

I made sure there were places where she could record special videos so visitors had more chances to interact (in)directly with her. See the landing page with callouts below.

Step Three: Emails

I built out a simple yet powerful 3 email sequence that would funnel new subscribers to her rapidly growing list into The Writer’s Block.

The funnel had to be versatile enough to capture interest of people coming into the list from multiple points of entry.

The result

Jessa of The Tech In My Pocket expertly designed and uploaded the content, set the email sequence live, and now we are collecting results!

In just 1 month of the funnel going live Mandy has already seen an 82% increase in sales, in contrast to the old funnel that was live for 4 months.