Letters: Staying Grounded

“Freelancing takes grit.”

“Build up your resilience.”

“Empathy is the key.”

“Give back to your community.”

“Empower others to do the same.”


As freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners trying to change the world, we’ve all heard countless versions of these phrases.

They are phrases we hear, nod our heads, and then keep on going.

We act on them without reason or strategy, thinking that working 24 hours a day is grit or that asking “how are you” while making good eye contact is empathy.


Do we really understand the advice we receive day in and day out on podcasts, blogs, and online courses?

The hard truth: you can’t have grit or resilience if you don’t know what resilience means to you (and not just what Seth Godin - or your guru of choice - said).

My job as a copywriter - starting and maintaining meaningful conversations - requires a lot of word definition.

I am constantly investigating words.

I spend most of the time researching what a particular word truly means to my clients and their customers, the minute differences between synonyms, and how to craft powerful stories as concisely as possible.

Because words mean something different to everyone.

I have built up a wealth of tales behind the words we like to fling around on the daily.

Every Tuesday morning I (e)mail out

Letters: Staying Grounded.

My goal: to help you begin to build your own personal dictionary.

Each week I choose one word or concept, and with a bit of humor and a personal story, you can start defining it for yourself.

The more we can take control of the words we use, the more grounded we are.

The more we can handle whatever comes our way.

And as entrepreneurs, everything seems to come our way, all the fricking time.

Not sure you want yet another thing cluttering up your inbox?

I get it.

Read through a few of the most popular Letters to be certain it’s for you.

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