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Writing is hard.

Hippo dentistry is harder.

Writing for business is about as appealing as giving a root canal to an angry hippo.

You and I both know the poor hippo needs it. The world’s biggest, rotten-est teeth aren’t going to pull themselves.

But the general sensation is “OH GOD WHY.”

Do you rush in there with a hacksaw and just get the thing done as fast as possible?

Or do you agonize over it for hours -- nay, weeks -- watching the things rot and your beloved zoo steadily turn into a mega sh*tshow of dentrific disaster?

I get it.

Writing is hard.

  • Which means your critical writing tasks are collecting dust.
  • Maybe you’ve even moved a few from “to-do” to “backlog” just so you felt less guilty about it (been there).
  • That “just a placeholder” text you cobbled together back when the dinosaurs roamed is still blazing across your homepage.
  • Your hard-won mailing list slowly forgets that you exist.


And your unique, important story goes untold.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


What if it were all so much easier? 

Easier marketing. Easier messaging. Easier conversions.

 In other words, what if the teeth could pull themselves?


Your missing tool is your BRAND VOICE. When you understand -- when you really, really get -- your brand voice, story, and targeting...your emails, web copy, and social posts will stop being hippo-tooth-torture once and for all.

Well, have I got a power hour for you.

Catalyst Branding Power Hour

In an intensive 60 minute session, we'll roll up our sleeves and find your:

  • Copy hierarchy
  • Your first draft of your benefits, features, and value proposition ($700 value)
  • Beginning brand guidelines for all decisions moving forward ($400 value)
  • Basically, we'll find the framework for all your messaging going forward.

  • After the hour, I'll send you over a nice pretty document that you can print out and share with your team.

Your investment?

Only $345 and an hour of your time that just might change your business for the better, forever and ever amen.

Book it now. Let's get this business party started.