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Case Study - Full Website Copy with Perry Maughmer

The project

Perry Maughmer is the Chair for Vistage International in Central Ohio and was in the middle of a website redesign with the highly talented design studio Brave Little Beast.

He had a need for minimalist copy that mirrored the minimalist design.

The website had two goals: drive traffic that converts newsletter sign ups or scheduling a time directly with Perry to talk about Vistage.

Vistage — Perry Maughmer.png

The Process

Step One: Research

Perry and I hopped on the phone and went through my branding questionnaire. The more I hear a person talk the better I can write in their own voice.

Next I interviewed multiple coaching clients of his to learn more about his style from their perspective. They gave me invaluable insight and choice words for his website copy.

Step Two: Outline

Before I dove into writing the site I sent Perry over a detailed outline of the direction I was taking the copy to ensure we were on the same page.

Step Three: Writing

The trickiest bit about Perry’s website was to show off his unique and spunky personality while also being mindful of what his high-achieving C-Suite clients are looking for in a coach.

His voice had to be forceful, focused, and capture his coaching philosophy all in one.

Step Four: Revisions

We went through two rounds of revisions to get the writing just right.

I’m a strange bird when it comes to revisions: while most creatives balk at the revision phase of a project it’s actually my favorite.

This is when the true collaboration comes in. The client can see where their copy can help them grow to but also show me deeper insights into the intricacies of how they approach language.

Step five: The send off

Copy is also part design – it’s understanding how people interact and read the words. Instead of just delivering a beefy document full of content I always create a simple wireframe to show how it will live on the page.

The result

“I can say that I was not completely bought in on the end product initially but once I let it settle in I completely understood what other folks were saying and believe it is the very core of what folks get from the experience.” -Perry Maughmer

Perry not only has the minimalist and clear website he was looking for, but greater clarity on what his own clients expect from him.

“I always knew what was expected and by when AND received regular reminders about it. I was also impressed with the interview process and your commitment to keeping your requests for time to that time with everyone. All of the folks you contacted spoke positively about the process as well.”
– Perry Maughmer, Chair of Vistage International of Central Ohio

perry maughmer website copy