Copywriting is like a Peanut M&M.

The customer’s first glance is the candy coating. The color, the feel, the look of it all.

Then they start getting to know your business and why you do what you do. Chocolate.

My goal is to get them to the nut.

(Yes, I did just say that)


Get copy that is your own special brand of nutty

And boosts your bottom line

But hey, copywriting isn't lucky guesswork. There's a process.

Here's what it's like to work with me.



We’ll hop on a quick no-obligation 15 minute call and discuss what you need and how I can help you get there...and if we like each other, because that’s important. Book your meeting right now.

2. Let's be friends

I’ll work up a proposal for you and get it to you within the week, including timing, scope, and budget and will present it to you live. We'll make sure we are still on the same page and work out the details of the contract.

3. Brand Discovery

We do a 1-2 hour brand discovery call where I can get intimate with your brand, story, personality, and your company’s voice (or work to determine it).


I start diving deep into any data you send my way, conduct customer surveys, review mining, and competitor research. My goal is to be an expert in your industry so the final copy is just right for you and your customers.

5. Strategy

I take all that research and put it into hierarchies. I start mapping out the strategy with a deeper understanding of your funnels and where the project fits into your greater business strategy.


Check in Point

Before I put pen to paper I’ll share an outline of the copy with you to make sure we are on the same page and I’m headed in the right direction. This saves everyone time and keeps us in contact with each other.

6. Writing & Editing

After you ok the outline and direction I start writing. Yes, it does require all that work to even begin to write. The copy goes through my 7 step checklist of editing and is put into wireframes to to help you visualize what it will look like in action.

7. Review

Once the writing is done we get on another call do a live review session. You make sure I’m on brand and the voicing is right. We check in with your team, do any necessary edits, and finalize it.


A month or two later after the copy is live I’ll touch base to do a quick audit. I want to make sure the work is performing how it should. I’m not a set it and forget it copywriter.


Want to get started?

Brand strategy

Be able to answer the question "What do you do?"
+Develop a brand voice
+Identify your value proposition
+Create consistency in your messaging

Web copy

You want to inspire people with copy that is uniquely you.
+Match your brand
+Speak directly to your niche market
+Convert more leads

Email copy

You want your list to convert without it feeling like a slimy sales pitch.
+Engage and inspire
+Sell your awesome stuff
+Improve customer retention

**I just released my new About Page Package!**

Get a brand spanking new strategically crafted About Page that engages and converts.

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If you still aren’t sure if this is the right fit...

That's ok. 

Book a no-obligation call with me and we’ll figure out what you need and where my services can best help your business grow.

I’ll create a package specifically tailored just for you.


In their own words



About that price

I don’t have set prices for services, as each project is unique.

You deserve the best package, tailored just for you.

I don’t offer refunds. If you’re a bit leery, start with a smaller package and we’ll work up from there.

Projects under $500 are to be paid in full upfront. Packages over $500 are paid 60% in advance and 40% upon completion.

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